DogFather (Dev):

My name is Joe, I was born and raised in Ohio. I have been invested in crypto since 2020 and in NFTs, specifically CNFTs, since Q3 of 2021. I support crypto and decentralization because I have seen the government want their hands to be a part of everything when it comes to economy or even what you own and I truly believe it’s time the people govern themselves in terms of economy.

I have been a full time Firefighter for a major metropolitan city since 2015. I enjoy helping others with anything they need. I enjoy going to work and serving the city I grew up in, and now in crypto I want to be a part of delivering one of the best projects to the best community any project could ask for.

DawgyStyles (Dev):

I'm Ed. First generation in the USA. Born and raised in northeast Ohio. 12 years prior service military. Deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently a full-time firefighter/paramedic/rescue technician.

Long time investor in stocks but I fell in love with crypto in 2020, CNFT's since early 2021, and I've never looked back. Project duties include front-end development, stake pool operations, music production, video and photo editing.

Looking forward to fully developing and delivering a great project to our dawg pound!

The Artist

Our artist will remain anonymous to protect her special work and style. She is a full-time college student. She is the daughter of a firefighter, who knows and respects this field of work. She has been hand drawing our artwork for our NFTs. We are very impressed with her work and hope you all are as well.